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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  October 9, 2012 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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of sports breakfast for you. the nationals have to win two more games. tickets for the second round of postseason play go on sale today. and an update on robert griffin iii's condition. will he play this sunday? fox5 morning news starts right now. >> plenty of clouds out there this morning on another cool start to the day. this is tuesday,october 9, 2012. good morning, everybody. i'm tony perkins. >> i'm alison seymour. happy you're with us. before we get to gwen and also julie, traffic and weather, we have big heads up for the rail commuters, especially if you're trying to go north beyond baltimore. amtrak service between washington and wilmington is suspended because of power lines on the tracks in northeast maryland. >> that means no trains going to philadelphia and new york for now. northeast region trains coming
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philadelphia. there's no timetable now on repairs. stay in touch with amtrak if you have travel plans today. mark train service is also impacted north of martin airport. that is a headache for a lot of people who head northeast. some people on a daily basis. >> right. >> there you go. in the meantime, we say hi to gwen. good morning. >> good morning. you're right, little cool start again today, like we had yesterday. temperatures will be slightly warmer today. it's just all on the trend towards a nice warmup as we move through into the rest of the week. >> good. >> not all bad. here's our live radar, where we've seen a few rain showers into the course of this morning, a little bit of light rain and drizzle, little bit of fog, it is gradually moving out. we are seeing some improvement. i say gradually, because over the course of this morning since we came on air at 4:25,
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it's really taking its time. here's where we stand now, 50 at reagan national airport. 46 at dulles and 49 degrees at bwi marshall. our high today, 58. only reached 55 yesterday. temperatures 16 to 18 below the seasonal average. little bit of rain and drizzle this morning. this afternoon, partly sunny to mostly cloudy. i don't expect to see that much sun. so be prepared for that. as we move through into the week, not looking bad. take a look at the rise and spike in temperatures. by tomorrow, you'll know you're probably thinking you're on a different planet, because it will be 70 versus in the 50s today. that warmup is gradually coming through. also, more sunshine. happy to say that. >> that is good news. thanks, gwen. let's go to julie wright, find out what's happening on the roadways. >> we could use some of that
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sunshine. it's been busy this morning. had live pictures from skyfox over an accident tying up the left side of the roadway southbound 270 at falls road. we can see the left hov lane is closed at this time. overall traffic is heavy and slow leaving 85 continuing to clarksburg and delays from germantown to this accident scene near falls road. left side of the road blocked. accident activity, four cars possibly involved 117 at 270 in gaithersburg. overall the trip southbound along 270 from 85 to 124, an hour commute trying to get out of frederick heading into gaithersburg. northbound 210 at the beltway
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crash in the right lane. crash near 202 at baltimore avenue. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. thank you very much. in about two hours sentencing former penn state coach jerry sandusky will begin. he was convicted in june of 45 counts of sexual abuse. >> it's expected he'll speak today to declare his innocence. >> reporter: legal experts say given the nature of the crimes and the number of the charges, it's likely sandusky will be sentenced to life in prison. he did not take the stand in his defense during his trial, and now he wants to defend himself to the public. jerry sandusky speaking out from his jail cell ahead of his sentencing on 45 counts of child sexual abuse. >> you can take away my life, they can make me out as a monster and treat me as a monster, but they can't take
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away my heart. in my heart, i know i did not do these alleged disgusting acts. >> reporter: he was accused of abusing 10 boys over 15 boys. it led to the firing of coach paterno who died in january of lung cancer. sandusky also says he'll continue to fight. >> we didn't lose to proven facts, evidence, locations and times. anything can be said. we lost to speculation and stories that were influenced by people who wanted to convict me. we must fight unfairness and consistency and dishonesty. >> what i anticipate he'll say is that he's innocent, he doesn't feel that we had nearly enough time to properly and adequately prepare his defense. >> probably a sentence to a natural life in jail, so maybe he should say what he wants. >> reporter: prosecutors saying some of the victims will speak as well. >> could be as many as a half a
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dozen. we'll see. depends how they feel and respond to the moments. >> reporter: we do not expect anyone else to take the stand in sandusky's defense, including his wife. two penn state former administrators were also arrested last year, and they were charged with lying to the grand jury and failing to report suspected child abuse. both of those men are awaiting their trials as well. >> melanie, thank you very much. some other top stories this morning, a shooting inside a home in silver spring. a man says he found two people inside his home in the 1100 block of good hope drive just before 9:00 last night. he knew the woman, but he said the man was a stranger. there was an altercation and he shot the man. he later showed up at a local hospital for treatment and is in serious condition. a sad end to the search for
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a missing teenager. volunteers searching a wooded area for 17-year-old bryan glenn found a body. police have not officially identified it as the young man, but in a statement last night, his parents said their son had died. the high school senior disappeared last week. grief counselors will be on hand at the school today. former d.c. council chairman kwame brawn will be back in court today for a hearing. at this point, all we know is it is for a violation. brown pled guilty to june and faces up to six months in prison for each count, but he could be spared time because he is cooperating with investigators in ongoing prosecutions. tim kaine and george allen
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had a debate last night. there was a big focus on the economy, including how to reduce the deficit and create jobs. >> i'm the only governor in modern times who left office with a smaller general fund when i took office. debt and spending skyrocketed in his time in the senate. on the other side of the balance sheet, the tax side, i do believe we should let the bush tax cuts expire, as planned. >> we do need to balance. there needs to be cuts made in federal spending and we need to grow the economy. there are a variety of things i think off the bat what ought to be cut is and repeal asked replaced -- and replaced is obama care. that will save over $1 trillion. >> the two former virginia governors have been running
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neck and neck, but tim kaine appears to have taken a lead. new polls out in the presidential race confirming the fight for the white house is tightening. as fox's doug luzader tells us, with four weeks to go before the election, both are coming out swunging on the campaign trail. >> reporter: 47 to 47, the race is locked up right now, at least according to gallup. the landscape is changing quickly. both campaigns are trying to take advantage. mitt romney may have had more spring in his step yesterday as he spoke to the virginia military institute. he went after what has been president obama's strong suit in many polls, foreign policy. and he spoke about last month's attack on the u.s. consulate in libya in a world he says is now more dangerous. >> this latest assault can be blamed on a video insulting islam, despite the administration's attempts to convince us of that for so long. no, the administration has
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conceded these were the deliberate work of terrorists. >> reporter: the president spent much of his day preaching to the converted at california fundraisers. it helped pad his campaign coffers. he reminded his faithful that the race is extremely tight and right around the corner. >> so i need you in this election, the next 29 days. we cannot afford to be complacent and we cannot afford to be cynics. we have to look back at the progress we've made and that should give us confidence. >> reporter: but that confidence may have been shaken and the obama team is now looking at this week's vice presidential debate as a chance to get back on track. as far as the poll numbers are concerned, the obama campaign has long said they run this race as though they were 5 points behind. their fear is the numbers could soon confirm that assumption. in washington, doug luzader,
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fox news. hitting the campaign trail in northern virginia for her husband today, the first lady, michelle obama, will travel to loudoun county fairgrounds to speak about what is at stake in the election for virginiaens. she'll encourage everyone to register to vote before the october 15th deadline. people living in the district, today is the last day to register to vote by mail. applications are available online and at libraries, fire houses and police stations throughout the city. however, if you miss today's deadline, voters can still register in person at early voting centers or on election day at their polling place. all right, coming up, david blaine wraps up his stunt in new york city. >> already? >> yeah. >> okay. the series is all tied up. the final games against the cardinals shift to washington. >> redskins' backup quarterbacks weigh in on rg3's
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status this sunday. dave ross has this morning's sports breakfast after the break. >> and we'll get the latest weather and traffic from gwen and julie, that's coming up next. hey, wt are you drinkin'? pumpkin coffee for the morning. and i've got my pumpkin k-cup packs for at home. now i can have my pumpkin coffee any time i want it. pumpkin's perfect. it's dunkin' with the press of a button. new pumpkin k-cup packs, only at dunkin' restaurants. america runs on dunkin' coffee. infringement on our lives.s like such an...
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according to an independent, non-partisan study, barack obama and the liberals will raise taxes on the middle class by $4,000. the same organization says the plan from mitt romney and common sense conservatives is "not a tax hike on the middle class." want proof? read the non-partisan study for yourself at obama and his liberal allies? we can't afford four more years. i'm mitt romney and i approve this message. i'm drinking dunkin'.
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i'm just in love with the flavor. i get mine black. i don't want to take away from that pure taste. so smooth, no bitterness. it's awesome. there's no other taste like it. america runs on dunkin' coffee. 49 degrees on this tuesday morning. all of a sudden we're in the middle of fall, everybody. nice look shot. pretty. >> uh-huh. >> gwen talbart is joining us with news of a warmup coming soon. >> coming soon. >> can we skip to that part? >> to a city near you. not today, mind you. today only 3 degrees warmer than yesterday. we had a little bit of wet weather this morning.
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good news, it's starting to move out. just some of it lingering now across areas of southern maryland, eastern shore. we will see this rain out of the picture 100% in a few more hours. not bad at all. certainly improving things on the roads. here's an update on the temperatures for you, currently 50 at reagan national airport. 46 at dulles and 49 at bwi thurgood marshall. high today of 58. still some 16 to 17 degrees cooler than it should be. mostly cloudy skies. we will have more sunshine in our full forecast for the next seven days or so skies will be bright and the good news, a gradual warming trend is headed your way as those temperatures start to rise. >> miley cyrus says, it's about the climb. 3degrees higher today and -- >> she's not quoted much. >> i know. i think she deserves to be
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quoted more, apparently. she also said, bleep, bleep, bleep, but we can't say that. >> here's julie wright, another fan with a look at traffic. >> party in the u.s.a. that one is safe for all generations, i think. we've got a lot going on. i know allison touched on this, power outage north of martin airport. mark service suspended. will affect the ride, perryville, aberdeen, even amtrak affected. north of martin airport, north of baltimore. now we're going to take you inside and show you 270, big mess of delays southbound along 270. accident activity at falls road. crash 117 at 270. accident activity along shady grove road tying up the right side of the road.
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hour and 11 minutes from frederick to gaithersburg. two incidents on the bw parkway. both have cleared. from 175 towards route 50, 45 minutes. now they are checking for the latest crash reported near 202. southbound 295, below speed headed to the beltway. accident activity along new hampshire avenue at good hope road. follow police direction to get by. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. julie thank you. time for the sports breakfast. a day of rest for the orioles and nationals, with both divisional series tied at a game a piece. the nats are planning ahead, tickets go on sale for nats insiders. you know who you are if you got the e-mail. go on sale to the general public tomorrow. let's get to dave ross. i just realized who i am, because i didn't get an e-mail. >> i didn't either. what's that all about?
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i love the advanced planning. get tickets for the next round. that means we're going to win this round. >> yes. >> yesterday kind of a day to forget. get it out of their system. jordan zimmerman did not have a good start. still hit the ball well. tried to rally, but in the end, st. louis looked like the world the defending world champs. take a look at that game. didn't have it. davey said after the game he didn't do enough with the slider. tried to stick with the fast ball too much. good fast ball hitting team. nats actually led 1-0. laroche following a zimmerman homerun. cut it to 7-3. you thought, okay, maybe we going to a chance. this is the time of day it was. look at espinoza. double, made it a triple. but john j, into the wall. full speed ahead. almost runs into the sign there. danny can't believe it. it's one of the better catches
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you're going to see -- >> it really is. >> -- in playoff baseball. into the wall at full steam ahead. never stopped for the wall. >> give him credit. >> he caught it and the cards win this 112-4. orioles, though, get the equalizer last night. this is big. talked about this new playoff system. had to play the first two in baltimore. now they have to go up to new york. had they lost last night and down, they'd be done. chris davis with the big knock here. they were down 1-0 early after ichiro made a great play at home. the birds win 3-2. tony, we've been talking all week about this robert griffin iii hit. the hit on sunday had everyone in the locker room talking. here's the hit again. he gets a concussion, knocked out of the game, of course.
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i caught up with rex grossman yesterday. rex could see time if robert can't go sunday, and we asked rex about robert. >> you know, it's tough. i think a lot of people have injuries throughout the year at some point, and whether they knock you out for half a game or longer, you know, just part of football. it's a physical game. i think he might learn from that one a little bit. so i think he'll be fine. i have no idea. i haven't talked to anybody. he seems like, you know, he was with it after the game. >> everybody seems to think he's going to be okay. he's got to pass the independent test by the doctors for the concussion test. probably won't know until wednesday or thursday. monday night football last night, if you didn't stay up late and you're a jets' fan,
7:22 am
you didn't miss anything. looked terrible the first half. daniels for the touchdown. this is foster and the jets' defensive looked like a sieve here. tebow did see some time. >> how much did he see? >> some time. we don't want to perpetuate that quarterback controversy, but there is one. >> yeah. i don't like the way he is being treated. >> really? >> yeah. they should put him in. >> jets are 2-3, maybe there will be a change. >> thanks, appreciate it. still ahead, in search for an extravagant, outrageous gift this season? >> why not. >> and the latest update from the cdc on the meningitis outbreak. >> thrills by day, fright by night, holly is live at six flags in maryland behind the
7:23 am
scenes of the park's annual halloween celebration. we're going check back in with her a little bit later. ♪  i approve this message. mitt romney: "i'm not in favor romney's being dishonest here an independent, non-partisan liberals will raise taxes on the chairman of that so-called romney's former company. gingrich was there too. it's not independent. it's just not true.
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welcome back. >> 7:25. new this morning, a ninth dead linked to the meningitis outbreak. it was reported last night by a hospital in nashville, tennessee. there is now a total of nine cases. total of five in maryland now. it's possible as many as 13,000 people who received steroid shots could be at risk. but those who got the shots in the back for pain are more likely to be infected. looks like there won't be a pepco strike after all. they teached a tentative agreement over the weekend. they still have to vote on it. no word on the details of this contract.
7:27 am
there's still a lot more to come on fox 5 morning news. after the break, we're breaking down last night's debate for virginia's u.s. senate seat. >> daring stunt from the edge of space. details about this man's quest to break a record that has stood for more than 50 years. >> as we head to the break, we've got a live look outside. the roads are wet. we've had morning rain. we'll get the latest weather from gwen, traffic from julie coming up. now it's 7:27. ♪ put your arms around me, baby ♪ this year, america's privately-owned freight railroadads plan to spend $23 billion onon their network. that's like building 4 nat's stadiums, 5 wilson bridges, and 8 dc convention centers...all in one year. and not a penny of it comes from taxpayers.
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that's like launching 4 mars rovers, 10 gps satellites, and 20 space shuttles ...all in one year. and not a penny of it comes from taxpayers. dare devil david blaine wrapped up one of his most electrifying stunts. he emerged shortly before 9:00 last night after spending three days standing in the middle of 1 million-volts of electric currents in new york city. he wore a medical -- why am i saying a medical armor suit? a metal armor suit as a barrier and did it without any food, no sleep. he says this is his last endurance stunt. >> good. >> but how many times did houdini say that and just one more, just one more? >> i don't know.
7:31 am
>> probably in their blood. if you're going to do this -- >> sure. kind of cool looking, once the electricity is coming towards him. >> looks like a medieval type of mesh they wore. meanwhile, felix baumgartner will attempt to break the record for highest ever sky dive today. he'll be leaping from a balloon over 23 miles from earth's surface. could be the first sky diver to break the sound barrier. scheduled at dawn, weather and aliens permitting. incredible. >> what will that do to his system? >> that's what i would wonder. he must have protective gear on his ears and everything. >> that's quite a feat. >> then we'll say his name and
7:32 am
not laugh. >> we will not laugh. baumgartner, sir. >> where no man has gone before. i'm going to the weather wall, where plenty of people have gone before to tell you good news, folks. >> yea! >> historical fox 5 weather wall. showers are moving out. i know some of you have dealt with light rainfall this morning. finally, it's gradually getting out of here. not much sun today in my forecast, however. but there is a warmup head in the seven-day, and also we will see some sun making a reapperance a little bit later in the week. happy to tell you that. here's a look at some of the numbers right now across the area. 45degrees at gaithersburg. 44hagerstown. 46 at dulles. d.c. it's 50. 48 at baltimore. and 48 degrees at quantico. we're not the only place getting all the cool conditions. the jet stream kind of makes a little dip like this right now. so you can see the cooler air coming out from canada and right here across areas of the
7:33 am
northern plains only into the 30s. little bit of real cold chill there. same story at areas in parts of ohio and into parts of upstate new york. it is pretty much a chill. here's a look, this is where i showed you, the northeast chill settling in and keeping our temperatures below the seasonal average. yesterday's highs, some 16 to 20 degrees cooler than they should have been. today a few degrees warmer, but not much. mainly cloudy conditions for you. today's high, 58 degrees. northerly wind 5 to 10 miles per hour. wet weather out of the way. overnight, patchy fog developing. cloudy night as well. overnight low about 49. look we start to see the temperatures rise. tomorrow going to 70 degrees. a far cry from the 50s. plenty of sunshine heading into thursday and friday as well. even warmer on sunday. going to be toasty compared to today. 74 with a few more clouds. we're not doing too bad.
7:34 am
i think everybody will welcome the rise in those temperatures, especially my friend, julie wright, who i know likes the 80s and 90s. >> absolutely. bring on the heat, man. i don't mind mother nature changing up on us, but her plus one to the party can't be old man winter. busy out here. had a little bit of fog early on. accident activity shady grove road near the icc, where the two right lanes are closed off at the scene. falls road, accident has cleared. about 90 minutes traveling from bucky's town to old georgetown road, with all the lanes open. northbound through 10 at the beltway, accident activity tying up the right side of the road. baltimore washington parkway, on and off the brakes out of baltimore. accident activity reported near
7:35 am
202. crash westbound route 100, with anne arundel police on the scene. delays continue inbound pennsylvania avenue. check for a stalled car reported on the bridge traveling southeast. northbound across the 14th street bridge, overall delays leaving the beltway king street and before the pentagon. standing room only on 66. big delays out of manassas. earlier incidents in vienna has cleared. thank you very much. with a few weeks to go before election day, the virginia candidates vying for u.s. senate seat there faced off against last night, this time in richmond. george allen and tim kaine told the audience why they should be elected. >> anybody who pays taxes
7:36 am
should be on our side, unless they want to pay higher taxes. if you use electricity, you need to be on our side. if you drive a car and don't like the fact that you're paying over $30 more every time you fill up, you ought to be on our side. if you agree with me that doctors and patients ought to be making health care decisions rather than panels of bureaucrats up in washington, you ought to be on our side. >> he had a decision to filibuster ask block a veterans bill and farm bill is an example we have new ways of thinking in congress. we have to fix the economy by investing in infrastructure and leveling the playing field for small business. we can't get there if congress doesn't work together. >> joining us now with more analysis on the debate is jeffrey skelly. thank you for joining us. first of all, let me start with a broad question. how do you think each of the
7:37 am
candidates fared last night? >> i think they both did fine. in these situations, the main goal in a debate is to not make a huge error, and i think they both passed that test. besides that, they both seem to be on the ball in terms of their answers. they were concise. they were to the point. there was no wandering. i think they both did a good job. >> we hear this not just in these local debates, but in the presidential debate, that the main thing is don't make a mistake. isn't thabar to set for these candidates? >> you're probably right with that. but i think you have to remember that, especially if they get in policies specifics, a lot of people don't know what's going on with it. i think the most memorable thing is going to be a mistake. both of them managed to avoid doing that. >> george allen went after tim kaine and essentially saying that he was distracted while he was governor because he was also head of the democratic national committee.
7:38 am
did he score points there and is that something he can convince voters is a major issue? >> i think this kind of follows what he's been doing generally in attacking kaine. allen throughout his campaign has tried to connect kaine to obama, obviously because kaine served as chair of the dnc during the first year of obama's term. so i think it's kind of the same old same old. i think both of them did that last night. they used the same attack they used previously. i don't think we saw a lot in the way of new stuff last night. >> you're right, allen is trying to connect kaine to obama. kaine doesn't seem to be running away from that. i'm not sure how big an issue that will be in the mind of the voters. we'll come back to that in just a second. kaine said allen was fiscally irresponsible as governor. did he score points with those arguments? >> again, i think it's the same
7:39 am
from kaine as from allen. kaine has been talking about allen's fiscal irresponsibility while he was governor and while he was senator. what is interesting in this matchup is both candidates have been going after each other for wasteful spending. it's interesting, because a lot of times you have an issue where clearly one person is on one side or the other. but in this case both candidates have been attacking the other for wasteful spending. >> kaine has been leading in most of the polls in virginia, either slightly or by several points. did allen do enough to change any minds last night? >> i think that's difficult to say. in terms of -- probably weren't that many people watching. i think the danger of -- we've seen a presidential debate that seems to have had an impact on the polls. i think there's a danger in comparing the two. everyone is paying attention to the presidential race, so over 60 million people nationally tuned in to watch that last
7:40 am
wednesday, whereas this debate, while it was available on tv in most parts of the state, i think it's doubtful that many people watched. it's hard to say this had much of an effect. >> is it interesting to you that the presidential race -- i'm not sure how much the presidential race is impacting the senate race in virginia. we have romney narrowing that gap, significantly, with president obama. but kaine still seems to be ahead of allen in the state. is that interesting to you? >> yes, very. i think originally our view was that whoever won state in the presidential race was also going to get a senate seat out of it, because in this political climate, there are a lot of straight ticket voters. not a lot of people splitting their tickets. but it seems that kaine is in a position where he's going to probably outperform president obama in virginia. so there may be scenarios where romney wins in virginia in the presidential race, kaine may
7:41 am
win barely in the senate race. >> thanks for joining us this morning. good to have you on the show. >> thanks for having me. >> it is 7:41 now. we'll be back with more news in a couple of moments. stay with us. ve my mpkin co ff pumpkin's perfect. it's dunkin' with the press of a button. new pumpkin k-cup packs, only at dunkin' restaurants. america runs on dunkin' coffee.
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♪ somewhere over the rainbow ♪ so pretty, still. a goodbye ceremony for dorothy's ruby slippers. they're living the museum of history today for a trip across the pond. they'll go on temporary display, have no fear, at a london museum, along with her blue and white dress. they'll return to d.c. late next month. don't worry about it. >> just brief. okay. we haven't gotten to halloween yet, but if you're already thinking about what to get the person that has everything for christmas, you'll get help today. kneeman marcus will unveil its holiday catalog. it's generally filled with over the top gift ideas. last year they offered up a $420,000 tour of european flower shows on a private jet,
7:45 am
as well as a $250,000 mahogany speed boat. >> i don't care. that flower tour for me was good. it was what i needed. >> did you enjoy it? >> yeah. >> i love the boat. >> you do? >> you each got one of those things? i got both. >> oh! fantasy busted. >> right. >> finally the wet weather that was bothering everyone this morning on the commute is starting to move out. take a look. moving across the bay. areas to the south has a bit of it lingering. but generally we're getting finally that break. i don't expect much in terms of sun today, however. the clouds will be sticking around. current temperatures this hour, we are a little bit on the cool side. 48 at baltimore.
7:46 am
fredericksburg to the south at 47. martinsberg 44 degrees. and dulles 46. frederick at 45 the same as hagerstown. today we're talking a high of 58. we only reached 55 yesterday. so it's a gradual slow climb in our mercury. 49 for your overnight hours with mostly cloudy skies and the fog developing overnight. we are going to have a nice warmup as we head through into tomorrow. wait until you see my seven-day forecast. we're going to be leaving the 50s behind in the dust. i want to say that those 50s are actually some 16 to 20 degrees cooler than what we should be. and we're going to get back to a little more of a reality check in terms of where we should be temperature-wise. >> good. good news. thanks, gwen. >> let's see if julie wright has good news for us. >> wow, the good news is gwen said it's going to warm up later this week. have to piggy back on what she's selling.
7:47 am
been tough on the roads. 450 west of the beltway at 85th avenue a crash, and southbound baltimore washington parkway from route 100 to east capital street, 50-minute ride. accident at 202 should be over on the shoulder. inbound on route 50 leaving the beltway from 410 to bladensburg, 20 minutes. lanes are open top stretch of the beltway, below speed, college park to the exit for 270, inbound on the bridge where we had the stalled car. about an hour commute eastbound on 66 coming out of gainesville, in towards the beltway. inner loop is below speed from springfield to gallows road. 395 separate stretches below speed. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. thanks, julie. get ready -- what did you just do? get ready for some thrills and chills. >> that's right. here's holly with more. >> reporter: it is the largest
7:48 am
-- good morning, guys -- halloween party in our area. a party you might lose your head over. we are live at six flags america where they're gearing up for fright fest 2012. the thrills and chills you don't want to miss. we're going to tell you all about this coming up next. ♪ [ man ] when i'm in my zone... every move i make is a statement... ♪ ...that inspires me to make my mark. ♪ [ male announcer ] the all-new lexus es 350. ♪
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tomorrow's fan of the day. if you're headed to six flags this month, be prepared, you might hear the sound of gunshots coming from the saloon, or screams from the residents in zombieville. >> that's just the start. this year's fright fest is where you'll find it. fox5's holly morris is live from maryland. holly. >> reporter: you forgot about the canny ball hillbilly. pamela ross is the communications manager. good morning to you. >> good morning holly. >> reporter: and you have special friends for us this morning. you have hissing cockroaches. >> these are our madagascar hissing cockroaches and they're
7:53 am
making their home this month at the hotel hisser, with very friendly dolls. i know this is maybe a little tiny bit creepy for you -- >> reporter: i definitely want to hold that. just a second. you're a little steadier. you can show it to the camera. as we do that, tell me more about what's going on. it's been going on for a while, but you have new stuff. >> we do have new stuff. we have a lot of family friendly fun activities during the day. from noon to 6:00 we really focus on the family, and we have monster mash bash, which we'll see a little bit of those characters today. and we have a hay maze and hay ride for the kids. best of all, it wouldn't be halloween if we didn't have trick or treating. we have lots of candy to give away. >> reporter: obviously, people want to know can they come out and ride the rides -- >> absolutely. >> reporter: a lot of the thrills comes from that. >> we have lots of fun rides. and we have halloween eyes, i guess you can say that, on some
7:54 am
of our rides. like our tea cup and we have road rage, which is our -- >> reporter: oh, he's really crawling. making me a little nervous. only young kids can wear masks. >> yes. >> reporter: that's important. >> only little kids come in costume. >> reporter: best way to get your tickets is online? >> online. >> reporter: i would loved to have held that, but the time is fleeting. you can go back in. see how i managed my time that way? here she is, looking lovely as ever. here are some of the wonderful characters you can see. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> reporter: let's talk about you and your friends here. this is actually at home, where we're learning from the professionals. as you get ready for halloween, you have to have a little bit of a monstertude, let's say? >> yeah, definitely an attitude. i am actually a nice witch,
7:55 am
even though i'm green. but i do kind of get a little bit of a power trip during the slow. so i get this evil witch laugh. i'm going to let you try. i'll do it first, okay. [ evil laugh ] >> reporter: wow, that's really evil. what is the key to that? >> it's kind of a diaphragm thing. support your breath and make it high pitch [ evill laugh ] >> that was awesome. >> reporter: my husband would say i do that all the time. just kidding. i know you boys at home not be witches. but you might be a warlock or franen stein. frankie is going to show us how to have a little bit of a monster walk. let's see it. nice. slow. strike a pose. i like it.
7:56 am
i thought you also had a john travolta version. let's see that. nice! i really think the key to that whole outfit is the huge head and the size 28-inch waist. any other little monstertude tips? >> you have to make sure you have the confidence. you have to go out there, do it best you can. >> reporter: let me see the confidence, guys. show me your best monstertude. fright fest 2012 is available only here at six flags america. the largest halloween celebration in our area. is our web site. we have a link to theirs, so you can find out about your ticket options. if you get your 2013 season pass now, you can get into fright fest for free for some nights. coming up in our next hour, i can laugh like a witch, but will be more fun when i can look like one. back to you. >> holly, thank you.
7:57 am
ahead at 8:00, when you think of outlet malls, you think bargains of course. well, are you really getting a deal? five things you need to know to get more bang for your buck. >> and we aren't the only ones at the risk of getting the flu this season. your pets can catch the bug, too. a new report blames humans for getting our dogs and cats sick. the fox medical team takes a closer look coming up in the 8:00 hour. you. we know you. we know you have to rise early... and work late, with not enough sleep in between. how you sometimes need to get over to that exit, like, right now. and how things aren't...
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straight ahead, speaking out on the eve of his sentencing, the statement of jerry sandusky and what to expect today for sentencing. >> bringing the series home all knotted up. dave ross takes a look at the beat down at the hands of the cardinals. >> later, super sonic sky dave. wait until you hear how high up an australian dare devil will jump from. all in an attempt to set a new world record. good morning, everybody. i'm tony perkins. >> and i'm alison seymour. before we get to gwen and the weather, we begin with a news
8:01 am
alert and a view from skyfox of empty train tracks. that is the scene from fort washington to wilmington, as amtrak has suspended service between those 2-points because of power lines down in northeast maryland. now southbound northeast regional trains are turning bck at philadelphia. southbound acela trains are stopping at wilmington. mark train services affected with no trains north of martin airport. gwen is in for tucker today. we've had rain showers this morning. >> we did. they started really early this morning. when i came in it was raining. very light in nature. nothing that heavy. but take a look, things are improving. and even since the last hour they're starting to wane out and dissipate. still a little bit crossing the bay there heading to delmarva to the south. other than that, we are getting rid of all the rainfall.
8:02 am
let's take a look at our maps. here's a look at temperatures right now. 50 at reagan national airport. 46 at dulles. bwi thurgood marshall at 49. mainly cloudy skies. not a lot of sunshine. there is a northeast chill that's making itself right at home and that's what we'll be feeling again today. temperatures yesterday 20 degrees below the seasonal average. highs today in the upper 50s. by midday today, about 56 degrees and our daytime high under mostly cloudy skies is 58. the good news is, warm weather is on the way. >> that is great news. things heating up, new accident northbound i-95 near route 100, left side of the
8:03 am
road. gridlocked out of laurel to the capital beltway. here's what we know traveling shady grove road near the icc, accident activity in play, tying up the two right lanes. trip from buck east town to old georgetown road, over an hour and a half drive heading southbound. stalled car inbound pennsylvania avenue on the bridge tying up the right lane. traveling eastbound along 66 coming out of gainesville towards the capital beltway, over an hour commute with all lanes, gridlocked traffic inbound towards the capital beltway. let's take you over to the cameras now, traveling south on 270, they are checking for the accident reported near father hurley boulevard. in the backup for those continuing southbound. accident activity shady grove road near 370 and the icc. follow police direction to get by. latest crash northbound along i- 95, left side of the roadway
8:04 am
getting by. delays out of woodbridge headed north. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. julie, thanks. in less than an hour sentencing will begin for former penn state coach jerry sandusky, charged with 45 counts of sexual abuse. >> today sandusky will do what he did not at his trial. he'll take the stand in his own defense. fox5's sarah simmons is here with more. >> we already kind of have an idea what sandusky might say. he recently spoke to a student run radio station at the college from his jail cell. he maintains he is innocent. sandusky of course was convicted in june of molesting 10 boys over 15 years. some of the attacks inside penn state buildings. during the trial, eight victims testified against the former coach. in the audio statement given to the radio station, he describes why he believes he's been the victim of false allegations and urges people to look more closely at his accusers.
8:05 am
>> evaluate the accusers and their families. realize they didn't come out of isolation. the accusers were products of many more people and experiences than me. look at their confidants and honest city. think about how easy it was to turn on me given the information, attention and potential perks. i never put down them or their families. i tried and i cared, then asked for the same. please realize all came to the second mile because of issues, some of those may remain. we will continue to fight. we didn't lose to prone facts, evidence, accurate locations and time. anything can be said. we lost to speculation and stories influenced by people who wanted to convict me. >> that's a portion of the statement outlining why he believed the thing was a well orchestrated lie and believes he was wrongly convicted and
8:06 am
speculation and dishonesty fueled the trial. first there will be a hearing to determine if he qualifies as a violent sexual predator. the judge will then hear from the victims, then sandusky will speak. even legal experts believe given the crimes, his age of 68 and the number of charges that he will likely spend the rest of his life behind bars. >> sarah, thanks so much. also in court today former d.c. council chairman kwame brown, but we still don't know why. documents show it will address a violation. he is required to check in with prosecutors and limit his travel to the d.c. area under probation. he faces up to six months in jail on each offense when sentenced next month, but he could be spared any prison time for his cooperation with
8:07 am
prosecutors. four weeks to go until the election. the race for the white house is tightening. a new pew research center poll has mitt romney leading 49 to 45% among likely voters and even among registered voters. today both candidates will be in ohio, as the campaigns head into the home stretch. >> so i need you in this election. the next 29 days. we cannot afford to be complacent and we cannot afford to be cynical. we've got to look back at the progress we've made and that should give us confidence. >> he would continue to spend a trillion dollars more than we take in every year. in my view, that's immoral and wrong. if i'm president of the united states, i will cut federal spending, i'll cap it and finally get us on track to a
8:08 am
balanced budget. [ applause ] >> other polls released monday show mitt romney has closed the gap. politico has the president's lead down to 1% and rasmussen and gallup polls has the race tied. the first lady will be at a rally in northern virginia today, appearing at the loudoun county fairgrounds to encourage voter registration. grief counselors will be on hand at wt woodson high school today, as students come to terms with the death of a classmate. yesterday volunteers searching for bryan glenn found a body and his parents confirmed it was their son. an autopsy on the body could be performed as soon as today. glen disappeared last week after dropping his brother off at school. health officials confirm a ninth death linked to the meningitis outbreak. the latest numbers put the
8:09 am
total number of cases at 105. two new cases were reported in maryland, making the total number in the state five. health officials in virginia are expected to give an update later today, as they warn as many as 600 back pain patients to be mindful of possible symptoms. this form of meningitis has a higher ink because period. look like pepco will stay staffed. the tentative deal is still subject to employee vote. and no word when that could happen. nats fans, get the credit cards ready. >> while the team gets ready for game three, the ticket booth is getting ready. when you can start buying the tickets. >> first, counting down to a super sonic sky dive. we'll tell you about fearless felix's record attempt next.
8:10 am
it's 8:09. we'll be right back.   pamela howze: it just seems like such an... infringement on our lives. how dare they step into my life that way. it's none of their business. he's trying to restrict us, again. he's taking us backwards. george allen is the last thing we need in washington. anncr: the democratic senatorial campaign committee is... responsible for the content of this advertising.
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8:13 am
looking at the day ahead, an australian dare devil takes a shot at a new world record. this morning, weather permitting, felix baumgartner will jump from 23 miles above the earth. and if all goes well, he'll break the sound barrier. it's set for dawn, new mexico time. one of the most popular exhibits at the smithsonian takes a trip overseas. dorothy's slippers will go on loan to a museum at london as part of a hollywood costume exhibit. it's the first time the shoes have left the u.s. and the first time they've been reunited with her blue and white dress since was filmed. if you miss seeing them, don't
8:14 am
fret, they'll be back here at home in late november. >> what a national treasure. >> uh-huh. >> really is. >> cool to see. when you see them upclose, they don't look the way you expect they would look. very interesting. >> and tiny. >> yeah. let's switch gears now, head over to gwen. she's got the weather and -- >> speaking of something tiny, the my first 5 photo. >> yes. wait until you see how tiny this sweetheart is. it is time for my first 5 photo of the day. >> oh, cute, cute, cute! >> we say hello to the tiniest terp fan. guess how old antonio is? he is only two months old. >> so cute. >> already rooting for his team. >> sweet baby. >> his parents say he wakes up every day to watch fox 5 with his mom while his siblings get ready for school.
8:15 am
look at those little cheeks. >> big brown eyes. he is a cutie pie. >> he is. to send us your child's picture, go to and click on my first 5. let's have a look at our forecast. we had rain this morning. it's pretty much out of the way. we're getting very improved conditions. as we look at our current temperatures, chilly start to your day. currently 50 in d.c. 49 at baltimore. 46 at dulles. for today we're talking 58 degrees for the high. still pretty cool. overnight low about 49. we'll see fog developing in the overnight hours. big warmup tomorrow. leaving the 50s behind in the dust. i know a lot of people are happy to hear that, especially julie wright. >> you got that right. i am not ready for wet pavement and cold weather and slick roads. on the highway this morning it's very much a slow ride
8:16 am
continuing along shady grove road to the icc. accident activity, squeezing everybody to the left to get by. out to old georgetown road, over an hour and a half ride, and that's with lanes open. we were checking for the crash near father hurley boulevard. it's been moved to the shoulder. delays inbound pennsylvania avenue. eastbound 66 coming out of gainesville, heavy slow and steady into the beltway. over an hour drive. no accidents, just traffic. heavy from the beltway to the 14th street bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. thanks. it's your turn, sore. >> it's okay. fans are lining up for their tickets. >> today at 10:00 a.m., tickets go on sale. first, the nats need to wake up the bats and their pitching needs to shake of the playoff
8:17 am
jitters. dave ross is here with a look at yesterday's loss to st. louis. is it playoff jitters? even in the game we won, the pitching was a little shaky. >> sure, gio was a little nervous. he said afterwards he was so hyped up. this is unchartered territory for the nationals. st. louis is the defending world champs. been there, done that. this is old hat for them. not for the nats. yesterday a day to forget. they got game one, and you're right, a huge win looking back at what happened yesterday, because it went from bad to worse early. already down 3-1, this one goes down the line. that will bring in another one. zimmerman gave up five runs in 3 innings of work. davey johnson said after the game that he didn't do enough to vary his pitches with a good fast ball hitting lineup. down 7-1 and back to back homers when laroche does this. you think, we've got a chance here. 7-3. had one more shot in the 7th inning.
8:18 am
kind of a key play. werth is on third. zimmerman again. lifts this to right. that will bring in werth and cut the lead to 8-4. only one out. bryce harper gets a little ambitious and gets thrown out trying to go to third. and davey said after the game, bryce can't do that. we love his aggressive nature, like rg3. but you have to rein it in a little bit. sometimes the aggressive plays can hurt you. how about the o's? taken on the yankees. davis with a big hit here. two outs off petit. it's amazing he is still pitching. that was a big two run single. the o's win 3-2. game three in the bronx tomorrow night. back to rg3 and the redskins. everybody is talking about the hit he took sunday. will he play this sunday against minnesota? have to figure out if he can pass the concussion test. everybody i talked to in the
8:19 am
locker room says he seems fine. >> he says he's fine. >> he says he's fine. doesn't mean a doctor doesn't think he's okay to play. you have to practice first, and mike shanahan will figure out if he practices tomorrow. off day today. if he can't go, it's cousins or grossman. i asked hall about the importance of robert learning to step out of bounds instead of taking those hits. >> it's a learning experience for him, you know. i saw him after the game, wanted to check on him. he was down. he was sympathetic. i was, i apologize. i feel like i let y'all down. it was a learning experience. next time he'll figure out a way to be a little better on that play. so, you know, it's part of the game, though. it's part of the game. something he'll learn from, and he'll be better because of it. >> that rg3 basically apologized, saying he let them down. hall said, he doesn't have to prove anything to us. they know what he does and what
8:20 am
he brings to at that team. that's part of being a rookie and trying to do too much. like we talked about with bryce, you want to do everything you can. sometimes the best plays to live and fight another day. >> that's right. >> we hope rg3 will learn that lesson. everybody said, it's a learning experience. >> he's very smart. you can already see how really from game to game he learns -- >> he does. very smart man. >> he will learn. >> yeah, let's hope. we'll hoping he'll be out there sunday against minnesota. they're good, 4-1 coming in here. skins 2-3, need a win. >> get on the good foot. >> dave, listen, i know you were up for this. >> came up a little short. >> coming up, day two of the nobel prize announcements. we'll tell you who takes home the top prize for physics. will dave's name be in there? >> right. look at holly getting a makeover. she's at six flags, where she is in the process of her
8:21 am
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about poor and middle-class families. [ female announcer ] but this is what the budget plan mitt romney supports actually does. more huge tax breaks skewed to the wealthy. while cutting nearly eight hundred billion from medicaid... even though middle-class families rely on medicaid to help loved ones cover nursing-home care. and it helps parents support children with disabilities. if mitt romney really "cares," wouldn't we see it in his priorities? i'm drinking dunkin'. i'm just in love with the flavor. i get mine black. i don't want to take away from that pure taste. so smooth, no bitterness. it's awesome. there's no other taste like it. america runs on dunkin' coffee. i just called dave ross to let him down easily. >> he didn't get it, did he?
8:24 am
>> no. >> the nobel prize in physics has been announced today. >> yep. french scientist and an american are sharing the prize for their work in quantum physics. they both came up with experiments to observe quantum particles without destroying them. the committee says their work could lead to incredibly fast computers beyond anything we have now. how fast can they get? >> faster than ours at the news desk. >> that's definite. could also lead to precise clocks that could be the future of setting time standards. that's what it could lead to? >> yeah. >> seems like it should be more than that. nasa officials say the curiosity has made its first scoop of the surface. the rover detected a bright object on the ground. officials aren't sure if it's part of the rover itself or something else. but they won't take more samples until they know.
8:25 am
curiosity is on a two-year, $3 billion mission to discover if life existed on the planet. >> what if it of us a penny? >> wouldn't that be freaky? the percentage of protestant adults in the u.s. has fallen to 41%. a reason for the drop? the number of americans with no religious affiliation has decreased from 20% to 15% in the last five years. a look at the meningitis outbreak. >> when it comes to pets and their owners, which way do germs flow in the answer may surprise you. it's 8:25. you're watching fox 5 morning news. we'll be right back. bu if taker childhooucation... slash k-12 funding... and cut college aid for middle class families ... they won't go far. yet that's exactly what mitt romney wants to do...
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fire bad! just have to fire roast these tomatoes. do you churn your own butter what? too? this is going to give you a head start on your dinner. that seems easier sure does who are you? [ female announcer ] new progresso recipe starters. five delicious cooking sauces you combine with fresh ingredients to make amazing home-cooked meals. ♪ ambiance [ female announcer ] new progresso recipe starters. your head-start to home cooked. this morning we're remembering a friend of this show, fox 5, and really anyone
8:29 am
who visited the national mall. bill line, a national parks service ranger and spokesperson for the area was found dead in his only over the weekend. authorities say he took his own life. >> he was a fixture on events like the video you're seeing there, the cherry blossom festival with our holly morris, that was two years ago. most recently he handled media coverage of the earthquake damage. he was instrumental in making special coverage that we brought to you over the years. he was really largely responsible for helping us make that happen. he had a career in the news media, including fox news, before he went to work for the park service. he'll be missed. >> our thoughts go out to his family and friends, and they are numerous throughout the region. sad news. gwen talbart joining us with a look at our tuesday weather. >> improvement out there. the rain pretty much out of the
8:30 am
way. the clouds lingering, but we'll see a warmup. let's take a look at our weather headlines and show you what is happening. the wet weather finally the showers moving out of the picture. hardly anything really to look at now. we'll show you that in just a second. also, we are talking not as much sun as we would like to have. the sun will make an appearance in the seven-day forecast. little chilly. 46degrees at dulles. 45 at gaithersburg. 52 at d.c. 49 # baltimore. 48 at quantico. we'll show you what we're speaking about, this was all filled in with rain showers when we started our show at 4:25 this morning. now it's moved across delmarva. nothing much to even see here anymore. could be a little bit of patchy fog still lingering. we are going be left with dry conditions for your afternoon. back to our weather map, then, we're talking about the early
8:31 am
showers out of the way. that will leave us with mostly cloudy skies today. as we move through into wednesday, a different story. we'll have more sunshine and it will warm up. ridge of high pressure will push across and that will affect our weather pattern. for today, 58 degrees. light westerly wind. cool in the overnight areas with patchy fog developing at 49. 70degrees on your hump day, with sunshine and a few clouds. skies get brighter thursday, at 64. a run of 60-degree days until we hit sunday, then a nice 74 degrees. definitely leaving the 50s in the dust after today. allison? ♪ doctor, doctor, mr. md ♪ thank you. as we told you at the top of the show, the meningitis
8:32 am
outbreak is linked to a pharmacy in massachusetts. we turn to the fox medical team for answers. joins us live from can you tell us what the latest is? >> good morning. we've heard there was another death, so that brings the toll to five at this point in time. again, nine states involved. if you look at the symptoms for this particular type of meningitis, it's not like the typical we see, the bacterial meningitis. there can be fever, neck pain or if you bend your neck there may be pain with that. light sensitivity. slurred speech and things that may present like a stroke. some of our florida people have had those symptoms. and they're concerned about it can occur one to four weeks after the injections so they expect there may be more cases. they also say these shots might have been used in other places like a joint for example, a
8:33 am
knee joint. and certainly even in the back area. they say look for kind of a local type of reaction potentially, maybe swelling or redness or pain within that joint as well. >> dr. jo, back up a little bit, what is the connection, what have they found between those shots and meningitis? >> basically in these individuals they had an injection that was directly into their backs. so basically, if you think about going into labor and having an epidural, it's similar to that, where they're injecting this particular drug into the spine fluid. normally our immune systems block that fungus, unless our immune systems have a defect. by injecting that directly into that space, they are allowing that opportunityistic micro organism to invade and infect. it may be slower in its course and that's why they're not seeing symptoms until a few
8:34 am
weeks later. >> before we move on, if you know somebody, if you're scheduled to have a steroid shot, what do you suggest here? is this safe overall, what do we do? >> certainly, yeah, this is the interesting part, this came from a compounding pharmacy. so the regulation over this particular pharmacy is not the same as it would be for a normal commercial drug manufacturer. i'm still trying to sort all this out myself. there was actually a letter, a warning letter issued to them in 2006, and one of the things in that warning letter that i read had to do with different type of drug where they were asking for the same type of, you know, verification for sterility. the vast majority of drugs will be safe. of course nothing is 100%. you can always ask your doctor, was this from a compounding pharmacy, and that would tell you whether or not it would be
8:35 am
under the fda regulations or not. >> okay. we've been talking about this one this morning as well, we've heard that our pets carry germs that make us sick. but it might be the other way around, right? tell us about it. >> this is very interesting. we knew that during the h1n1, some animals were getting sick. this researcher did study, and did autopsies on some of the cats and they died from h1n1. a researcher looked at the blood samples of 400 cats and found, depending on the strain of virus, anywhere from 22 to 45% had been exposed and had recovered from influenza. the question remains now, they don't believe they can give it back to us, but i think the big concern is that the virus can jump from us to our pets. so they're saying we have to be
8:36 am
careful around our pets just like we'd be careful around, you know, our children or coworkers. and in addition to that, it may give us that extra reason to get the flu shot. >> how similar treatment -- how do we know if our cat or dog is sick with the flu? >> well, if you're sick, and your cat or dog gets sick, she says you need to take it into the vet. because some of these cats did go on again to develop full pneumonia and die. she said one woman got the flu and believes she gave it to one of her cats. she had five cats. one cat died. three other cats got it, but they didn't get it simultaneously. there is a concern one cat could spread it to another cat. we never want that cross species jump. when we have that, then that gives the virus a chance to intermingle with other things. >> that's what they make scary
8:37 am
movies about., thank you very much. tony, over to you. thank you very much. one quick clarification. the death toll associated with that meningitis outbreak is now at nine nationwide. pardon me. still ahead at 8:00, holiday shopping best bets. we're going to sit down with kiplinger's editor to see if a trip to the outlet malls is really better for your bottom line. >> first, fighting with their own fans. why one chiefs' linebacker had harsh words for their team's fans after sunday's game. it's 8:37. we'll be right back.
8:38 am
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so you can feel better in no time. minuteclinic, the medical clinic in cvs pharmacy, now offering flu shots every day, no appointment necessary. find a clinic near you at happy birthday to john lennon, the late beatle was born october 9, 1940. today would have been his 72nd birthday. it's also his son, sean's birthday. he turns 37. the kansas city chiefs are in the middle of a feud with their own fans. it started sunday after this play when the chief's quarterback left the game with a head injury. as he lay hurt on the field, thousands of home team fans
8:41 am
cheered. he hasn't been a fan favorite there in kansas city. someone hired a private plane to fly over head with a banner calling for him to be benched. his teammates aren't taking it likely. >> i've come to the understanding i probably won't live as long because i play this game. that's okay. it's a choice i've made, it's a choice all of us have made. but when you cheer, when you cheer somebody getting knocked out, i don't care who it is, it's sickening. >> castle was later diagnosed with a concussion and will likely miss next sunday's game. when it comes to tv retail, the show must go on. >> even apparently when your cohost collapses in the middle of a sales pitch. in a sunday night segment, you can see the guest host patting her chest and fainting onto the
8:42 am
regular, dan hughes. even as the cameras pan away, hughes kept talking about the product. she is okay, reportedly blaming the spell on low blood sugar. >> does qvc have commercials? they must have breaks or something. >> i don't know. what would he have done? >> seems insensitive. i don't like to see that at all. >> maybe they didn't have any place else to throw to. >> maybe that's what i'm thinking. >> time now is 8:42. this business, tony. crazy business. it's a tuesday morning. coming up, saving you money on your holiday shopping. >> then, a sneak peek at the dead man's party. good morning, holly. >> reporter: you know what? i came to work this morning with fair skin, blue eyes. now i feel like there's a
8:43 am
transformation going on. it's a monster makeover. we are live at six flags america. we are getting make-up tips from the experts. plus, we'll tell you how you can get in on the frightful fun here as well. it's all live next on fox 5 morning news. stay with us. okay, i'll shut up now. hey, what are you drinkin'? pumpkin coffee for the morning. and i've got my pumpkin k-cup packs for at home. now i can have my pumpkin coffee any time i want it. pumpkin's perfect. it's dunkin' with the press of a button. new pumpkin k-cup packs, only at dunkin' restaurants. america runs on dunkin' coffee.
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welcome back. before you know it, shoppers will be hitting stores and online sites for the best holiday deals. outlet malls are always a hit. but are you scoring the best deals? that's what kiplinger's magazinen covered in its new issue that hits news stands today. here to talk more about it is the editor. good morning. how are you? >> good morning, how are you? >> you look lovely. >> thank you. >> outlet malls, all the rage at times. i have heard interesting things from people who shop at them who walk away feeling, i don't know if i saved at that much. youpoint out five things people need to know about shopping at an outlet mall. what's number one? >> number one is, it's all
8:47 am
psychological. most outlet malls are far away from city areas, near resort areas. and so it's an excursion. you'll be there, and obviously you're kind of primed to buy. why you come all this distance, and you're not going to buy something? and you see the retail place, and you think, oh, i'm saving a lot. as long as you know that. >> you said they always post the suggested retail price and their price. a lot of regular stores don't sell at suggested retail price. >> exactly. i think people, they kind of expect this nowadays. because the suggested retail will be way over the real retail. sometimes you think when you go to an outlet store, it will be
8:48 am
different. it's not. >> call ahead, shop early. >> first of all, you'll get the best deals if you get there early. if there's something in particular you're looking for, call ahead and make sure they have it. or if they don't, when it will be delivered to get the best selection. >> do your research and never assume you're getting the lowest prices at outlet malls. >> you can call ahead. if you're going to potomac mills for example, you can call ahead to the management company and get coupons for certain goods and services. if you go to an outlet at a place like rehoboth or ocean city, resort places, they usually have coupon books they would give to tourists, the buses that come down to the shops. ask for those as well. >> very good. you all say that the deep discounts might actually cost you later. how is that? >> in the sense that, and this is true, that some of the things that you buy at outlet
8:49 am
malls are leftovers from the real stores from the neiman marcuss, the high-end type stores. but they can also be, specific goods are made just for the outlets and they may be lesser quality, not quite up to par, what you would get if you were going to go to the real store. >> interesting. is there a way to know that? >> well, one thing is to -- if you're a really good shopper and that's what really good shoppers do, they can compare the quality of fabrics and things like that. for people that aren't that good, there are things that we have identified as bargains. for example, if you go to an outlet mall, you can get a bargain on children's clothing, cook wear is a good thing to buy there. shoes, luggage. other things aren't good deals. men's suits, because they might be lesser quality and will need to be altered. electronics. you can probably get better deals elsewhere. gym apparel, the prices will be fairly equal between what
8:50 am
you'll pay there and at a regular store. >> another reason to pick up the magazine. you get more details. and get the biggest bang for your buck. >> exactly. not in -- if you're going to shop for the fall -- same as regular shopping. if you're going to shop for the fall, go to -- shop at the proper time, so you're going to be looking ahead. if you're looking ahead, go at the end of wi words, to get the best deals for next fall. >> that's my problem. >> think way ahead. >> and i think the problem with many men. we don't think that far in advance. >> exactly. >> okay. very good. the current magazine is on the stands now, and you can read all about the outlet malls and pros and cons by picking it up now. janet, thank you for being here. >> my pleasure. ghosts, witches and zombies, all are gathering for the biggest undead musical bash on this side of the grave. and you can catch it all at fright fest, the halloween themed event taking place this
8:51 am
month at six flags. we're told the terror even includes evil clowns. that is truly frightening. holly, good morning. you look a little tired. i'm going to say that friend to friend. >> reporter: something is weighing me down. i don't know if it's this growth on my face or what's going on. i came here alive and well. i'm slowly becoming undead, because i'm having a monster makeover. the person that's doing it is amanda, the training and development manager, and make- up expert extraordinary are. good morning to you. >> there's a team of six that does it. about four hours. >> reporter: big operation. like an assembly line. >> that's what it is. >> reporter: we wanted to have fun, but learn something in the process. people will be dressing up for halloween. you're going to show us things
8:52 am
we can do at home. >> yes. what we've done here on the side of your in this case, we used a piece of toilet paper and liquid latex. you can get liquid latex at any halloween super store. >> reporter: you literally used toilet paper. >> put it on the skin, put on the liquid latex, dry it with a hair dryer. >> reporter: are you going to finish that a little bit? >> yes, we can finish that. we created side burns here. created a nice cheek for you. created thick jaw line, will help your face pop. >> reporter: i always wanted my face to be a little bit more sculpted, but i'm not sure this is what i had in mind. >> once we finish that, we take and we actually open up this wound right here. >> reporter: oh. you tear it apart. >> tear it apart. >> reporter: you put that on about 30 minutes ago. you let it dry? >> only takes a couple of minutes to dry, especially if
8:53 am
you use a hairdrier. we have grease paint. mix black and red together. put it inside the wound. we cover the toilet paper on all the edges as well. and to finalize everything -- >> reporter: really, it's relatively easy. >> it is very easy. here we have liquid blood, it's stage blood. at home you can use corn syrup and food coloring. what we do, is we put it inside the wound. we let it really ooze out. for you, i'm not going to put too much. but you'll get the idea. drip it out like this. i'm going to let it ooze down the face. it can drizzle down the costume. we take the grease paint, touch up the edges so you can't see the edges of the toilet paper. >> reporter: where did you get your training? >> we have a great make-up artist, she had professional training and she taught us all the things we know. she's great. the things you can do at home
8:54 am
with liquid latex is amazing. you can take rice crispies and crumple it up and it looks like charred skin. we also use coffee grounds. put that inside the blood, and it makes it look like thick blood. >> reporter: wow, tricks of the trade. >> yeah. it's a very cool process. >> reporter: the big question is how easy to get it off? in case i might want to become living. >> it's water soluble. >> reporter: what about the clothes? >> it comes right out. >> reporter: oh! let me see the big reveal. wow! look at that. i need an appointment with my dermatologist asap. or maybe a surgeon. that is amazing. look at that.
8:55 am is our web site. we have a link to six flags america. you are good, lady. and fright fest is going on. how many days left? >> eight more days. >> reporter: eight more days for you to come out and experience the spectacular fun. if you get your season passes for 2013, the rest of fright fest is free. coming up in our next hour, i've learned how to laugh evilly, is that a word? i have had my face transformed into a monster. i think now i just need a little bit of a costume, a few ghoulish dance moves and i'm ready for monstertainment. back to you. >> be sure to wash that off before you go home to hayden. >> reporter: right. i don't think i'll be shooting pro mows for the station today either. you might not know his name yesterday.
8:56 am
but you will. singer ryan beattie making friends in high places. >> the latest youtube sensation seen by millions of fans world wide. he joins us in studio. it's 8:55. we'll be right back. pr ider e anddle-classamilies. [ female announcer ] but this is what the budget plan mitt romney supports actually does. more huge tax breaks skewed to the wealthy. while cutting nearly eight hundred billion from medicaid... even though middle-class families rely on medicaid to help loved ones cover nursing-home care. and it helps parents support children with disabilities. if mitt romney really "cares," wouldn't we see it in his priorities?
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on gasoline. i am probably going to the gas station about once a month. last time i was at a gas station was about...i would say... two months ago. i very rarely put gas in my chevy volt. i go to the gas station such a small amount that i forget how to put gas in my car.
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[ male announcer ] and it's not just these owners giving the volt high praise. volt received the j.d. power and associates appeal award two years in a row. ♪
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i'm tony perkins. >> i'm alison seymour. right now at 9:00, sentencing day, jerry sandusky arrives in court to learn his punishment for abusing young girls. >> from democrat to republican, find out why an african- american man who worked for the clinton administration switched parties. >> the power of social media. another teen sensation emerges on the internet. ryan beatty gained attention with covers
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